Agricultural production

5 kinds of monsoon crops to be planted in Kayin State

In developing the farming sector in Kayin State, it is estimated that five kinds of monsoon crops will be grown in the state, according to an estimation of agricultural projects for 2017-18 fiscal year.Keep reading ...

Rakhine State Plans to Export 10,000 Tons of Beans to India

Rakhine state plans to export 10,000 tons of Matpe beans to India in the cur­rent fiscal year, which be­gan in April.Official media reported that arrangements are underway to plant Matpe beans in the state during the coming rainy season and will export the sur­plus to ...

Myanmar, Netherlands to cooperate in agricultural sector

Myanmar and the Netherlands will cooperate in the development of high yielding crop seeds under a program of agricultural cooperation, local media reported Thursday.Keep reading ...

Fruit and Veg Growers Call on Gov to Build Weekend Wholesale Markets in Yangon

Fruit and vegetable growers have called on the government to build weekend whole­sale markets as part of the Yangon region’s agricul­tural master plan, which was devised by the gov­ernment to boost the local agricultural industry.Keep reading ...

SEZ to import Japanese agriculture machineries

Agricultural machinery manufacturer Yanmar Myanmar Co Ltd in Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) will not establish production lines in Myanmar but will import and distribute those machineries, Takesi Terada, the firm’s managing director, told the Myanmar Times.Keep reading ...

Mon State gov and Seribu Bio-System to jointly undertake crab farming venture

Mon state government and Seribu Bio-System, a Malaysian company, will jointly conduct crab farming in Mon State, said U Tun Htay, the minister for Mon State Agriculture, Livestock and Communication.Keep reading ...

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