Open Development Myanmar (ODMm) is part of the Open Development Network, a coalition of organizations co-managing a common open data and open knowledge platform aggregating and sharing information, maps and data to illuminate development trends in the Mekong region at country and regional levels. The platform and network are coordinated by East West Management Institute’s Open Development Initiative (EWMI-ODI), which also produces the regional website Open Development Mekong. Country websites are collaborative partnerships with local country stakeholders to promote a healthy sustainable and responsible data ecosystem.

In order to accomplish this, the Open Development Myanmar platform and our partners are;

  • Providing offering an Open Data portal to data demand actors, data supplier and ecosystem enablers to engage with. 
  • An interactive platform allowing users to explore statistics, maps, reports, news and laws relating to current and important development issues. 
  • A model for responsible open data standards and best practices that are inclusive ethnic and indigenous rights and gender sensitivities. 
  • Capacity building to bridge digital dives through data literacy and journalism training as well as Indigenous Data Sovereignty. 
  • An open access centralised repository of data, laws, agreements and publications through our open CKAN-API.


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Contact us

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Disclaimer: Open Development Myanmar will thoroughly review all submitted resources for integrity and relevancy before the resources are hosted. All hosted resources will be in the public domain, or licensed under Creative Commons. We thank you for your support.

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