Over the past two years Myanmar has been experiencing a connectivity revolution; after having just a few million mobile users, there are now more than 50 million active SIMs on the market. This connectivity revolution creates opportunities for advancing information sharing through the promotion of “Open Data”.

To promote Open Data in Myanmar Phandeeyar partnered with the regional open data platform is the Myanmar country site of this regional initiative.

Key features of include:

  • Dashboard – interactive tool letting users dynamically explore statistics at the union, regional and township level
  • Map explorer – interactive tool letting users visualise geographic information as complementary layers.
  • Data stories – Brief overviews of key topics and subtopics with dynamic links to data, news and law sources.
  • Downloadable content – all content on the portal is available for direct download. Existing data can also be retrieved via an open API.

In addition to running, Phandeeyar promotes Open Data through:

  • Helping local civil society organizations gather and use data
  • Developing data, infographics and mapping skills
  • Developing the community of data journalists and data advocates
  • Supporting the tech community to build data products
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